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 2015 Biennial HSJCC Conference


Mobilizing Community: Promoting Resiliency,

Sustaining Recovery and Restoring Justice

Toronto - November 16 to 18, 2015




Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre

Sheldon Kennedy


The Iacobucci Report

Dr. John Bradford and Inspector Chris Boddy


The Geriatric Patient – Lost and Wandering in the Forensic System

Justice Peter DeFreitas, Dr. Karen De Freitas, Cst. Scott Logan, and Yolanda Diston, RN


A Quality Standard for Forensic Mental Health Services in Ontario: What Matters Most?

Dr. Philip Klassen


One Last Breath

Robb Nash


Mental Health Courts – Finding Institutional Resilience and Promoting Justice

Hon. Justice Heather Perkins-McVey



Concurrent Sessions


H1: Discharge from Court Protocol

Maureen Harvey, Francine Poulin, Johanne Renaud


H2: One Patient, One Plan

H3: System Improvement Through Service Collaboratives (SISC): Implementing Cross-Sectoral Initiatives with the Justice System to Support Children and Youth with Mental Health & Addiction Needs

Marla Banning, Gina Clark, Tania Breton, Uppala Chandrasekera


H4: Northeast Regional Justice Outcomes Project

Sarah Gauthier, Helene Philbin-Wilkinson, Brian Tramontini


H5: Traumatic Brain Injury and the Criminal Justice System - Part One - Part Two​

Flora Matheson, Kathryn McIsaac, Pam Nir, Kate Moore


H6: Developmental Disabilities Awareness in the Justice System Project

Lisa Holmes, Susan Morris, Patti Hancock, Dr. Ron Hoffman


S1: The Changing Landscape of Treatment in Forensic Psychiatry

Ken Laprade, Dr. John Bradford


S2: Trauma, PTSD, and the Probation Client: Shifting Paradigms, Investigating the Need for a Trauma Informed Approach

Dr. Julian Gojer, Adam Ellis, Sarah Easterbrook


S3: Voices Against Stigma Everywhere (VASE)

Aubry Andrus, and two VASE speakers

No visual presentation given


S4: Specialized Crisis Team: Psychiatric Assistance at Police Incidents

Inspector Doug Sheppard, Carmen Abel


S5: Addressing Compassion Fatigue

Patricia Baigent


J1: Mental Health Diversion Program

Vonnie Burke, Lani Gilkes, Bob Gehl


J2: Understanding the Implications of Undiagnosed Brain Injury in Childhood

Alice Bellavance, Joseph Rule


J3: Safe Pathways: Supporting Dementia in the Guelph and Wellington County Justice System

Dr. Jennifer Gilles, Sian Lockwood, Andrea Ninacs


J4: The GA Inquest on Youth Suicide: Lessons Learned

Hon. Justice Mary Teresa Devlin


J5: Provincial Approach to Community Safety & Well-Being

Oscar Mosquera, Shannon Christofides


J6: Navigating the Criminal Justice & Mental Health Systems

Jenna Hitchcox, Seble Makonnen


C1: Trauma and Violent Offending: Understanding Gang Violence Through the Lens of an Ex-Gang Member

Dr. Julian Gojer, Adam Ellis


C2: Building Integrated Youth Forensic Assessment Services: The Journey

Natalie Genereux, Lindsay Sullivan


C3: Meeting the Needs of Aboriginal Women in Ontario Corrections through Programs and Services

Lori Anne Kruger, Donna McLeod-Shabogesic


C4: Mobile Crisis Intervention Team (MCIT): Development and Evaluation of Toronto’s Co-Responding Police Mental Health Service Team

Dr. Vicky Stergiopoulos, Denise Lamanna, Kristina Nierdra, Supt. Scott Gilbert, Linda Young


C5: Optimizing the Collaboration between Detention Centres and Mental Health Services Through the Use of Community Treatment Orders

Jennifer Sansalone, Heather Saunders, Gale Melligan


C6: FASD and the Criminal Justice System – A Poor Fit

Lynda Legge, Sheila Burns


O1: A Family Experience of Youth Justice: Redesigning Responsive Approaches with New Guides and a New Forensic Model for Youth Justice

Chris Higgins, Denise Jennings, Helene Philbin-Wilkinson, Don Roth, Aaron Stauch, Brock Jones


O2: Taking the Next Step: Designing Effective Treatment Supports for Community Reintegration of Forensic Patients

Mark Rice, Rob Adams


O3: Reintegration Centre Inception and Development: Mobilizing the Community

Amber Kellen, Lindsay Jennings, Peter Leslie, Harold Johnson, Stephanie Gloyn, Sylivia Starosta


O4: Making a Difference

Charlotte Tozer, Brian McInnes, John Smith


O5: Opening the Doors of Justice: An Attempt to Make True Justice Accessible to People with an Intellectual Disability Who Have Been the Victims of a Crime in Canada

Mark Pathak


O6: “What You Need to Ask Me” – New Tools and Training to Enhance Mental Health Legal Advocacy

Ryan Fritsch, Uppala Chandrasekera


N1: The Hamilton Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) – Corrections Working Group: Integrating Multiple Sectors for Better Complex Case Management

Terry McGurk, Veronica Pepper


N2: Building a Service Resolution Function in Toronto: Recommendations for Meeting the Needs of People with Complex Mental Health & Justice Challenges

Jason Newberry, Jaime Brown


N3: The Durham Region Police Service Justice/Healthcare Collaborative as It Relates to Seniors

PC Dawna Murray, Jennifer Josephson


N4: The North Community Network of Specialized Care Skills Systems Group: An Adaptation of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy for People with Developmental Disabilities Delivered by Videoconference

Stephen White, Stacy Talbot, Amy Betzner-Massana, Joanne Brown


N5: Evaluating a Mobile Mental Health Unit for Adolescents

Calvin Au, Chanelle Moore, Emily Grice, Michelle Hermans


N6: The Forensic Early Intervention Service: A New Pathway Initiative to Mental Health Care

Kiren Sandhu


T1: Mobile Crisis Rapid Response Team

Terry McGurk, Sarah Burtenshaw


T2: Innovations in Mental Health Diversion: Life Skills Groups for Mental Health & Justice Clients

Rhona Zitney, Leslie Morris


T3: Forensic Vocational Rehabilitation Services Designed to Best Serve the Needs of the Not Criminally Responsible Client

Lori McGuire


T4: Parent’s Perspective of Raising Children Affected by FASD and Access to Services

Alice Bellavance​


T5: Factors Influencing Mental Health and Criminal Justice Involvement: Bridging the Gap between Two Sectors by Addressing the Social Determinants of Health

Uppala Chandrasekera, Frank Sirotich, Ryan Fritsch, Michael Dunn



Film Presentations


Three Voices: Discovery, Recovery, Hope


Healing Neen


Out of Mind, Out of Sight


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